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LampsPlus.com - $50 off $500 coupon. Expires 10/31/06

Lamps Plus  Coupons
DescriptionCoupon CodeExpiration
Up to 70% off Clearance Specials end soon
Free Shipping on all Outdoor Lighting end soon
Free Shipping on all Bath Lighting end soon
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Lamps Plus   Recent Price Drops
DescriptionOld PricePrice DropCurrent Price
52" Casa Vieja® Journey Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan M2750-M4829$279.99$120.04$159.95
60" Turbina™ Brushed Steel Industrial Ceiling Fan R4144-2W863$369.99$50.04$319.95
Aeronautic Blueprint VII 31" High Hand-Painted Wall Art 4J372$199.91$40.96$158.95
Babette Holland Juggler Mocha Table Lamp 6F583$430.00$150.05$279.95
Babette Holland Keiko Short Olive Fade Table Lamp 6F579$460.00$150.05$309.95
Babette Holland Kiss Rust Horizon Table Lamp 6F608$470.00$150.05$319.95
Babette Holland Skyscraper Raku Red Fade Table Lamp 6F566$470.00$150.05$319.95
Babette Holland Slugger Raku Red Fade Table Lamp 6F601$518.00$148.05$369.95
Babette Holland Slugger Smoke Gray Table Lamp 6F599$518.00$148.05$369.95
Bath Typography I 26" High Giclee Framed Wall Art 4R819$79.91$16.96$62.95
Birds on a Wire I 30" High Mounted Metal Wall Art 5H315$279.91$56.96$222.95
By Chance I 30" Square Mounted Metal Wall Art 5H314$299.91$60.96$238.95
City Stories I 40" High Giclee Canvas Wall Art 5M165$229.91$46.96$182.95
City Stories II 30" High Mounted Metal Wall Art 5H300$289.91$58.96$230.95
Classic Car with Pendulum 15 3/4" High Wall Clock 3K767$49.91$10.96$38.95
Claudette Turquoise Glass Table Lamp 4G322$169.99$30.04$139.95
Closed 40" High Giclee Canvas Wall Art 5M094$199.91$40.96$158.95
Colonial Tan 32" Round Brezza Wall Mirror 3W534-X8926$199.99$30.04$169.95
Courtyard View I 53" High Wall Tapestry 5H220$200.00$30.05$169.95
Cubed 52" Wide Wall Tapestry 5H166$225.00$34.05$190.95
Current Observation IV 40" Wide Giclee Canvas Wall Art 5M013$219.91$44.96$174.95
Deco Bronze Double Multi Light Pendant Y0404-31902$409.98$100.08$309.90
Deco Tile II 35" Square Giclee Canvas Wall Art 4X238$239.91$48.96$190.95
Delicate Birds V 28" High Framed Wall Art Print 3H509$189.91$38.96$150.95
Edmonton 25 3/4" x 34" Oval Black Glass Wall Mirror 5M650$249.99$50.04$199.95
Evening Sanctuary 2-Piece 30" High Wall Art Set 5T295$309.91$62.96$246.95
Eyelets V 30" Square Mounted Metal Wall Art 5H301$299.91$60.96$238.95
Fanning the Sky I 30" Square Floated Metal Wall Art 5H290$409.91$82.96$326.95
Flashing Lights II 30" High Mounted Metal Wall Art 5H294$289.91$58.96$230.95
Fresh Spring Acts Canvas 20" Wide Abstract Wall Art 4M941$89.91$18.96$70.95
Gaea Oval Rings 37" Round Wall Mirror 3H118$299.99$60.04$239.95
Galvanized 58 1/2" High Magnetic Fork Wall Art 5X258$179.91$27.96$151.95
Garden Variety Gold I 30" High Framed Abstract Wall Art 5M205$279.91$56.96$222.95
Gatco Chrome Tiara 31 1/2" High Tilt Wall Mirror P5327$149.91$22.96$126.95
Gatco Tavern Satin Nickel 28" x 31 1/2" Wall Mirror 3J341$129.91$19.96$109.95
Gatco Tiara Satin Nickel 26" 1/2 High Frameless Oval Mirror P5332$139.91$21.96$117.95
Ghost Print Floral I 42" High Framed Wall Art 5V195$329.91$66.96$262.95
Green Cluster II 30" Square Floated Metal Wall Art 5H284$409.91$82.96$326.95
Harbor at Twilight 53" High Wall Tapestry J8661$229.91$34.96$194.95
Idell Scalloped Side 22 1/2" x 28 3/4" Wall Mirror 5M656$199.99$40.04$159.95
In Flux I 40" High Giclee Canvas Wall Art 5M044$239.91$48.96$190.95
In Flux II 40" High Giclee Canvas Wall Art 5M040$239.91$48.96$190.95
In the Canyon II 30" High Mounted Metal Wall Art 5H306$289.91$58.96$230.95
In the Deep II 40" High Giclee Canvas Wall Art 5M005$209.91$42.96$166.95
Iris Blue And White Porcelain With Crystal Table Lamp 3G947$129.99$30.04$99.95
Juno Close-Up Black Par 20 Track Bullet 58135$53.99$11.04$42.95
Juno Flare Black MR16 Line Voltage Track Head 4W436$31.99$7.04$24.95
Juno Flared Steps Black Track Light 79235$34.99$7.04$27.95
Juno Flared Steps Black Track Light V6249$39.99$8.04$31.95
Juno Flared Steps WhiteTrack Light 22785$25.91$5.96$19.95

LampsPlus.com - $50 off $500 coupon. Expires 10/31/06



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